Fingertip Facelifts

  1. Fingertip Facelift - anti-ageing facial Massage by Sam Saunders
  2. Fingertip Facelift - anti-ageing facial Massage by Sam Saunders
  3. Fingertip Facelift - anti-ageing facial Massage by Sam Saunders
The benefits of a course of Fingertip Facelift, anti-ageing facial massage, followed by regular top-up treatments, include:
  • A younger, fresher and more radiant appearance
  • Improved circulation and skin tone
  • A sense of balance and emotional wellbeing (including relief from stress, insomnia, headaches, jaw stiffness)
Fingertip Facelifts are a unique holistic anti-ageing therapy that combines very gentle but highly effective massage techniques on the the 91 muscles of the face, neck, skull and shoulders to help you look younger in a natural way.

But it is more than just a beauty treatment - it is also works to release blocked energy, inducing deep relaxation  to balance and revitalise the body, mind and spirit. Click
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The Fingertip Facelift Programme
A full course comprises of six treatments, each lasting approximately 1¼ hours.

Each session is devoted to a different section of the face, head, neck and shoulders, so, ideally, you need to experience all six treatments in order to fully benefit.

Don’t worry if you’re not ready to commit to the full programme. You can book a 1¼ hour Introductory massage and still see great result.

Fingertip Facelifts are not only incredibly relaxing, but I also notice a difference. After my first treatment my eyebrows looked and felt lifted and my husband actually commented, completely un-prompted, on how awake I looked… Kathryn
Sam's Fingertip Facelift, anti-ageing, massage is blissfully relaxating and the results are instantly visible. I was particularly keen to try it following a deep facial trauma resulting in a 4cm scar under one eye. Following regular treatments there is no remaining scar tissue and the wound is barely visible. For anyone keen to maintain or improve youthful skin, but not keen on artificial intervention, try this. It is like having a natural facelift! You won't be disappointed. Sue
Fingertip FaceLift massage is exactly what it says on the box. I'm about to have my fifth session and I'm addicted.  I didn't realize I held such tension in my face until I had this massage.  The affect seems to be that my face is more symmetrical, my brows, cheeks and jaw line lifted. I don't see me being able to stop a weekly anti-ageing treatment. Kate
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