How does Facial Energy Release work?

The skin is divided into two layers. The epidermis is the outer layer made up of the skin cells themselves. The next layer is the dermis, and this is made up of connective tissue. The blood vessels that carry the oxygen as well as the substances that feed the skin cells are embedded in this connective tissue.

Tension in the connective tissue will tighten the areas around these blood vessels and cut down on the flow of blood to the skin cells. Not only are they unable to get the nourishment they need, they cannot get rid of the waste products from cellular metabolism.

Our connective tissue secretes collagen fibres and also gelatin - a substance that fill the space between the fibres. Unfortunately as we age this gelatin begins to harden up. As a result the skin becomes less flexible and lines and wrinkles set in.

Added to this, the hardening of the connective tissue of the skin can “glue” the skin to the layers below, to those connective tissues surrounding the muscles or the bones.

So by using gentle massaging techniques to work on the connective tissue, we can increase oxygen supply to the skin, mobilise collegan and gelatin and also create space for the muscles to relax. The tissue becomes more elastic, toned and flexible enabling the skin to regain its youthful appearance.