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Embroidered silk pillow slip with removable lavender insert.
This fabulous silk pillowcase, with removable pure lavender insert is actually an excellent beauty product! The 'Anti-Aging' pillowslip feels wonderful next to your skin, and unlike cotton, which is an absorbent fibre, silk does not absorb moisture or beauty creams from your face and hair whilst you sleep. Our satin silk may also help prevent facial lines, wrinkles and ‘bed head’ as the special silk fibre glides rather snags over your body, thus helping to prevent early morning skin creasing and long term damage! Our Holistic Silk pillowslips are naturally dyed to be even gentler on your skin and the planet whilst fairly made and hand embroidered in the Himalayas by Tibetan refugees. Use at home and when you travel.
made from:
Each case comes with a lavender sachet to promote good rest. Machine washable on a 30º silk wash.
Sized to fit a standard 48cm x 74cm pillow.
Anti-Ageing Silk Eyemask
250 AED