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Sports Massage
I've been practising yoga with Sam for years, and also regular massages. I'll either go for a relaxing treat or if I have a specific problem, like a stiff neck or a bad back from too much time hunched over a computer. Every time I go, she addresses the particular problems of the day rather than just give me a routine, beauty salon style massage. The fact that she has studied all of the muscles and bones of the body does make a difference, as does her work as a yoga instructor. I have recommended her to several friends and family and wouldn't hesitate to tell anyone else to go too.  Suzy

Sam is amazing.  I do boxing regularly alongside other high impact exercise and suffer from serious shin pain.  I am also a particularly energetic dancer and damaged my feet during a holiday.  Sam was able to relieve the pain through some targeted massage, and has got me back on my feet.  She also educated me about the muscles, and advised me on footwear and exercise regime.  I am now back to boxing, skipping and dancing with an increased awareness and understanding of the effects of exercise on my body.  I have recommended Sam to all the regulars in my boxing gym and they’re hoping that she’ll come down for a post-workout massage session! Amy

After suffering an injury to my neck last year my physio said I would always have pain when I moved my head. That was until I started having regular sports massages with Sam. I only now have occasional stiffness and twinges in the muscles around my neck and upper back. Sam manages my injury brilliantly, keeping pain and muscle spasms at bay Thank you Sam. Sarah

In just 3 sessions, she brought a painful arm back to life after a long standing muscle complaint in my left bicep. For about a year I hadn’t been able to use it or reach behind my back without pain.  Now, I’m doing some challenging yoga moves that I couldn’t tackle a few months ago and it’s all thanks to Sam’s caring and skilled treatment. Highly recommended. So thanks Sam, from me, my arm and the rest of me. Claudia
From Sam I always receive a fantastic sports massage. I often have painful shoulders and upper back and after her treatments I am able to do all my sporting activities painlessly.  Stasha
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Sam's classes are great - I always finish them feeling just the right combination of relaxed and buzzing with energy. She is always really careful to tailor what she does to my abilities and goals, and each week incorporates new positions so that we are moving forward. She has a patient, friendly and clear way of teaching and I would certainly recommend her. Alexandra

Having practiced yoga on and off for more than ten years, this is the first time I have a private teacher and I couldn’t be happier. Sam is a wonderful teacher, keeping the practice fresh, fun and also challenging, but what I absolutely love about her is how she adapt’s the class to your needs. She always asks how I’m feeling before starting and I spend the next hour thinking that I’m doing exactly what I needed. Amazing. Amalia

Sam is a yoga instructor of immense enthusiasm and talent. She has been my private yoga teacher, for almost five months now and the results are way beyond my expectations. My flexibility and core strength have both improved dramatically. I was looking for something to improve my golf game and with Sam’s tailored routines, I have found it. Tony

Sam shares the wisdom of traditional practices hand in hand with the practical application to our daily lives. Through her stories and humor we are reminded that we are all simply human. Sam  understands our strength and weaknesses and has a very calming way about her teaching. My wife and I have been doing joint sessions with Sam for 2 years and we love it. We feel  more flexible and energetic than we have ever been. Zahid 

Thank you sam for making me fall inlove with yoga and helping me maintain a regular practice. Most importantly thank you for always sharing your positive energy and making sure I start my day with the right mind set! Dana

My wife and I have been practising Yoga every week, with Sam, for three/four months. I am naturally as flexible as a steel rod but since starting yoga I feel remarkably better. I can actually detect movements and flexibility in my body that I never though to be possible and my back and neck pains are gone. Sam is fantastic with her patience and skills and she has truly made me enjoy something that I detested in the past. I really, really recommend her and only wish is that I would started practising yoga with her earlier. Petteri

I have been practising yoga with Sam for nearly 2 years.  From my first class I have enjoyed Sam's enthusiasm, patience, humour and her clear love of yoga.  Having previously practised yoga but within a group setting, there is no comparison with having the individual tuition offered by Sam.  She will adapt the class to suit my individual abilities offering a perfect balance between physical and relaxation. I am now able to use learnt relaxation and breathing techniques in other situations; to aid sleeping and stressful situations. Yoga is the one time of the week when everything comes to a halt and I just relax, clear my mind and enjoy. Thank you Sam. Rebecca

I was a complete novice to yoga when I started taking yoga classes with Sam.  She offered so much support and encouragement it has given me the confidence to continue, show progression and develop a new found body awareness. Janey

Thanks again for being such an encouraging teacher!  You really push me (in a most excellent way) to not be so fearful in trying certain poses - you give me confidence!  And it is very healing practicing with you. Susan

I have suffered from back problems, poor flexibility, and lousy breathing for too many years. I came to Sam tired of gyms and fearful of being overstretched in wrong ways, and yet from our first one-to-one found a patient teacher, in tune both with my limitations and possibilities. Each lesson is different, with Sam adapting breathing and posture to what she intuitively feels will prove most positive . I emerge from my lessons with her , feeling both relaxed and energized and feel myself breathing, eating and moving better. Jimmy

Hi Sam, just wanted to say big thank you for last night, really enjoyed the session and feel great today. Really want to keep it up as whole body feels refreshed and muscles feel stretched instead of tight. Karl

Sam is a fantastic yoga teacher.  She has been teaching me one-to-one yoga classes and I am absolutely amazed at how my body is opening up and becoming stronger and flexible. Sam is firm, professional and gentle at the same time she encourages me to try new things. Terri
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Fingertip Facelift
‘I have to confess that I am not really a fan of spa and beauty treatments but I decided that as I approached my 50th birthday nature definitely needed a helping hand with anti-ageing. I was looking for something non invasive and natural. So for me , Sam's fingertip facial, anti-ageing massage, is just perfect. The results are a real surprise; Even after the very first treatment the differences were noticeable. Overall my facial features seemed softer and my skin definitely lifted, especially around the cheekbones. It works and it’s so relaxing. I cannot recommend Sam and her anti-ageing facials highly enough.' Nicola
Sam's Fingertip Facelift massage is blissfully relaxating and the anti-ageing results are instantly visible. I was particularly keen to try it following a deep facial trauma resulting in a 4cm scar under one eye. Following regular treatments there is no remaining scar tissue and the wound is barely visible. For anyone keen to maintain or improve youthful skin, but not keen on artificial intervention, try this. It is like having a natural facelift! You won't be disappointed by this anti-ageing facial. Sue

My wife is looking fantastic after her Fingertip Facelift treatment. Thanks Sam DG

I tried the Fingertip Facelift, anti-ageing facial massage and had amazing, visible results and it feels great too. Tiffany

Feeling very relaxed after the fab Fingertip facelift massage Sam Saunders just did on me !!! Utterly amazing results, it has made a difference!!! Thank you Emma 

Fingertip Facelifts are not only incredibly relaxing, but I also notice a difference. After my anti-ageing massage my eyebrows looked and felt lifted and my husband actually commented, completely un-prompted, on how awake I looked… Kathryn

I just had this facial massage from Sam and I'm completely amazed with the results! It really works! My skin tone is much better, my face seems slimmer and my deep frown/scowl lines are much less defined. The best part for me is the puffiness under my eyes is gone! I'm very impressed and definitely recommend this anti-ageing treatment. Tracey

Fingertip FaceLift, anti-ageing, massage is exactly what it says on the box. I'm about to have my fifth session and I'm addicted.  I didn't realize I held such tension in my face until I had this massage.  The affect seems to be that my face is more symmetrical, my brows, cheeks and jaw line lifted. I don't see me being able to stop a weekly treatment. Kate
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